A Dream Not Forgotten

There was a golden age in which men dreamed themselves to Be…. More.
Yet, in this time, we have dreamed a sinners dream and I have watched us Being… Less.
I hear the jangling discord of our nation.

Where is the beautiful symphony of brotherhood? I Remember Who We Are
and I will not settle here in the mire that we’ve made
knowing Dreams await us All!

Put down your heavy burdens and your loads. Be Not Afraid,
and take up the yoke of This New Thing! March to a New Age as
our Freedom is bound – each to the next!

Be the Love that You Sow and watch as others put on your courage
that we might take up arms and Embrace! Only this will cause the crumbling of worlds
made by smaller men.

Let not the dripping of violence from wicked lips stir bitterness within
for surely Love can hew out of the mountain of hatred a stone of hope
with nothing but the force of the Spirit!

To our salvation let us march onward pressed by the creative suffering of every race
and every Equal Soul that paid a price along the way and
let us join at the table of brotherhood Dreaming Like Kings!

Be Still

To stand firm and still
within the perceptions
that others hold of you
maintaining a steadfast
posture in silent strength
in the current of their will
is the surest way to break
yourself free from that
illusion they hold of you

Challenge Your Beliefs

People do not see you as you are
They project onto you visions of themselves
And then they either accept or reject you based on
Their ability to accept or reject those aspects of themselves

Be careful of your judgments, they are sign posts that always point back to you. If you are wise you will learn to read them clearly, and you will know what adjustments your soul is asking you to make. Your strength lies in your perception, which is under the control of your choices, which are made based on your thoughts, which flow right out of your beliefs. If you can get to the heart of your beliefs and challenge them, you will learn the magic of changing your world.

Awakened to the Shadow World

The me you see is but a shadow of that which I Am.
As I dance upon the screen, the very image of life
is but my story, and me the puppet, playing out in time.
In amazement I watch as it rolls before my eyes, and I,
the spectator, appear before Myself, as though small,
(a creation of Myself in Mine Own Minds Eye). Yet,
the moment arrived when My shadow hesitantly
turned and witnessed Myself as I Am ~ THE ONE WHO SHINES!
Now, having turned back once again to the shadow world,
she marvels and delights in madness at that which We see.

Pride’s Illusion

Goethe before the fall they say
Men of might that run astray
Of all the ruins to fall away
Pride will tempt them all!

And through the ashes grey I see
Your words, like daggers drawn on me
And having gashed my heart, oh thee!
For pride must tempt them all!

Yet lying in this pool of red
Emotions flying; flying, fled
And seeing truth as it was said
Oh pride will temp them all!

On Always being Right

I closed my eyes, and she was there,
standing before me in the void.
I reached deep within myself,
into a locked and treasured
recess of my being, and tore out
a ridiculously small heart that
I had vehemently protected
for far too long. I clasped her
wrist, shoving it into her
outstretched palm, “Here!
Take it!” she looked down
at the smallness of it.
“What is this,” she asked,
looking at me in dismay.
“It is ALL the love you ever
gave Me”, I whispered.
Then I turned and walked away
knowing our time together
was complete, and that she
was right when she had said
we would never be friends.

Thinking – Your Sixth Sense!

You have not been taught that this is a sense, and so you do not understand that you do not think up your own thoughts for yourself. Instead, THERE IS AN ENTIRE BROADCAST OF THOUGHT AS AN ENERGY THAT YOUR MIND SENSES. But because you don’t realize this, you believe that these are your thoughts, and that they are truth thoughts. But. THEY ARE MERELY CHOICES! If you have been habitually thinking the same way, then you will attract more and more of the like, and it will manifest in your outer world, and because you then bear witness to THE MANIFESTATION OF YOUR THOUGHT, it CEMENTS ITSELF AS A BELIEF IN YOUR LIFE. But, YOU ARE UNAWARE OF THIS! You think YOUR LIFE IS a happenstance, not A DELIBERATE CREATION on your part. And that is why YOU ARE TRAPPED WITHIN AN ILLUSION OF THOUGHT FED TO YOU BY OTHERS. What I Am saying is serious, and if you pay it great heed and EXAMINE AND EXPLORE IT FOR YOURSELF you will find it to be true. And if little by little, or better yet, by leaps and bounds, you CHALLENGE THOSE THOUGHTS, replacing those thoughts WHEN THEY DO NOT FIT YOUR DESIRE, then the tract of the life that YOU HAVE MADE, will change, AND YOU WILL find the Power needed to MANIFEST THE DESIRES OF YOUR

For those with ears to hear, let them hear.