Incendiary, Vain Imaginings

When I have bad thoughts, they batter me.
In my silence, I will not let them batter you.
My painful self reflections bring awareness.
My desires are stronger than my delusions of fancy.
I have the fortitude to withstand my own destruction;
those poisons which churn my peace and love to hate.
I will reflect upon these savage messengers of change.
I will squeeze out every ounce of healing pain,
as I shroud myself in the winding sheet of the dead.
I Am the spark that sets myself ablaze, standing
firmly in the fire of my own rage as I turn to dust
every last lying thief that clangs loudly inside my head.
I Am absolute, and can withstand my own wrath,
knowing I have the power and authority to
heal every single illusion of fear that grips Me.

~ This is the process of purification, and it will recreate
you in the image of those vain imaginings, and you
will lose the desires of your heart if you allow them to become your truths.