Meditation – the Power of silencing the mind.

~~ Your mind is a reality generator.

Mental silence is abundantly charged with Power. The negation of negative thought is found in silence, and it is what all the great meditators learn as they cross the wide chasm between thought and silence. Protection abounds there. If you learn to choose for yourself, either only loving, positive thoughts that stimulate and grow the outward manifestation of your life in ways that serve you, or, when negativity is looming within your mind, to instead harness that power of neutrality within the silence, then you will find the ability to create your own life in ways that serve your own positive desires. And since like attracts like, you will attract what you Are. The dualistic nature of our world is true divinity itself. The freedom to choose and create as you desire, whether that be destructive or constructive is all within your godlike nature to produce. Once you hold yourself accountable to the vibratory nature of your own thoughts, and you begin to truly understand the creative force of each and every thought, you will understand the power of your own Being.

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