Everything ever created had risen
to the surface of my mind and churned
there in a hot rumbling noiseless rage.
And I couldn’t un-hear it! Blaring
incessantly it choked my sanity,
turning the thin layer of peace
that clung to the surface into a boiling
chum, and all those bottom dwellers
feasted upon it as though it be life itself.
All that I had gathered and harbored
and kept in the deep had come to
reap the harvest of my vision and
it would only be in this destruction
that understanding would find me
well aware of what it was I had done.
And it was for a long time that I suffered
with those creations. But my vision became
clear as I looked back at the reckoning and
knew it was my own. Only then would I come to
understand the power of my Being and the
wisdom of my vision. All those manifestations
played themselves out and then slowly
dissipated leaving me back in a purer state of

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