Creation Spell

String together your voice.
Let the words flow in such a way
as to create only your desires.
Can you be still and know
that what you say has power?
If you study this intently
and you watch your life
flow forth from the words you use,
you will have learned the Power
of Creation. You will have mastered
your life. ~~ I do not accept the
regurgitated bits of other peoples
lives. I will not suck down that
hot bile and create myself from
a poor man’s offering. The
radiance of my shine will burn
away all the ugly misgivings
of anyone who has tarnished
the veneer of my life with their
lusty lovelessness. All that
hearty heartlessness, and callous
carelessness I now bestow back
upon the original giver, to reside
only within their own manifestations
of life. I bind those seams, forcing them
to chew on the hate of their creations,
until at last they understand the
true power of their words.
Those pieces of them have
never served My intent.
What I give, and what I receive
will be determined only by
My sense of worth.

Because I know Who I Am.

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