Behind the Veil

My eyes are made to see the worlds things
My vision is made to see what lies beyond
I can conceive of it only in the well of my Being
When the mind and body are stilled
I move out of the illusion and into eternity
Where all that has been dreamed awaits Me
Where both heaven and hell are Mine for the taking

~ It’s the same for you, even though you are unaware.

The Song of the Sun

The sun found me hiding behind the window
It crept up and peaked in with its golden rays
Not even my closed eyelids could keep it out
With a smile I greeted it and it gave in return
The promise of warmth and a new day
Reminding me that it was mine to create
All energy is boundless – I Am Free
My spirit knows all too well and is singing
This – The Song of the Sun

Dragging my feet the whole way!

I came dragging my feet the whole way.
The end of the path felt contemptuous, like an angry death!
That is exactly what it was – the old me – refusing to die.
I had to let go, it would be the only Way.
I could stay here, at the end and die the slow death of life,
Or I could leap across the divide, to the tiny stone that lay before me.
I would totter there, I could see – space enough for barely one footing.
It was time to go and the only enemy to my leaving was my fear,
But I was never held slave to that for long.

P.S. Just so you know, in the end, I had to be pushed.

Healing Prayer

I see you, watching just beyond the shadow of my life,
holding anger like a shield. I feel your flickering doubt
despite the armor of pretense hidden in your charge.
It isn’t enough though, is it, to tame the flame of fear
and cause you strength that might draw you near to me?
I will hold no blame for words of destruction that
flitter your ear and cause such gnawing suspicion
to erode like rust the fortitude of our mettle.
I know all to well the power of words to create,
and to destroy. Those black magics need not be true
in order for them to change the illusions of life, and
no amount of religiosity can paint a halo where
horns be. If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.
I have bound all my judgments to heavy stones
and have cast them far off from myself.
There is no bitterness that serves me, nor is
there one moment of my life hastily given over
to anything other than what delights me.
I have caused a healing to well up like a spring
of living water, and all who come will find the
rejoicing powers of Life therein. I will pour
out my blessing and anyone who partakes will
awaken to their own sovereignty, and know the
truth of divinity. That they too are as I Am.

The Body of One

I Am delighted within the Body of One
and everything I see is an amazement to me

All things imaginable are here, and I Am ablaze
with energy and revitalized by this infinite knowing

I can disappear within myself and Be as I Am
untethered by the appearances of this world

When I awaken from this other state of My Being
I have all the accessibilities of heaven at my disposal

Most will read my words and think what lovely sentiments
then quickly disappear back into their illusion of life, unaware

But if you can live from this place, drawing deeply
upon that which I’ve said, you will make your own Eden

We Are the Same

I once walked down the path of darkness
Only to know its essence and to feel its depth
To understand my many faceted side
The good and the bad – so I might love them both
I am the sinner and the saint alike
The harbinger of joy and death the same
I can strike you down with my words or lift you
I will show myself to you as a mirror
Behold yourself – for we are the same

(Mother and Daughter)

I saw her as a child, as her soul was
I don’t think she knew this – How could she
In her “golden years” and still burning brightly
The heavy sigh and eye rolls –
Weren’t they supposed to be mine?
Yet every time the camera flashed
There it was – and then the giggle

Yes, I saw her as a child

She had learned to come back to that
To her own shining essence
And that is when we played
Not like mother and daughter –
(Two worldly roles created for us)
But As two souls who remembered
What it was to Be Free

Death to the Whore

I have destroyed my former self
Every pit and groove of My Being
Marred by time and knowledge given me by others
Those sad and wallowing states –
The martyr – the victim – the selfless giver
I even picked her bones and gnawed upon the marrow
I have sucked clean that whore and left her bare
There will be no more love for hire here
This flesh, and blood, and sinews,
And organs, and skin, and hair –
They Now belong to Me and Me alone
Because My Love was always Free!

Creation Spell

String together your voice.
Let the words flow in such a way
as to create only your desires.
Can you be still and know
that what you say has power?
If you study this intently
and you watch your life
flow forth from the words you use,
you will have learned the Power
of Creation. You will have mastered
your life. ~~ I do not accept the
regurgitated bits of other peoples
lives. I will not suck down that
hot bile and create myself from
a poor man’s offering. The
radiance of my shine will burn
away all the ugly misgivings
of anyone who has tarnished
the veneer of my life with their
lusty lovelessness. All that
hearty heartlessness, and callous
carelessness I now bestow back
upon the original giver, to reside
only within their own manifestations
of life. I bind those seams, forcing them
to chew on the hate of their creations,
until at last they understand the
true power of their words.
Those pieces of them have
never served My intent.
What I give, and what I receive
will be determined only by
My sense of worth.

Because I know Who I Am.