Chaotic Beauty

It was all right there
All the lives I’ve known
Mixed – those colors on canvas
Blending and swirling
The darks and lights weaved
Giving contrast lending depth
We’d always been right there
Plain to see
The beauty of us like majesty
Every single colorful thread
And my heart
Beating out all those shades
Feeling every glimmer
Of every life like one drum
Thrumming out one magical rhythm
And I swelled with enchantment
As I realized our Oneness
Yet Lo! I had forgotten that
She was even there – beside me
When with one quick breath
Devoid of understanding
She whispered as though it be
A thing despicable and worth hiding
“Look how wrong all their darkness is?”
And just like that I was dispirited
Me in my many shades of grey
Standing all darkly beside her
As though I should rather be
Some other fiery streak —
I wanted to push her brightness
With its makeshift halo
Right back into the safety of her
Place on the print so that she
Would be nothing more to me
Than another hue on the screen
And then, I could go back
To admiring ALL our chaotic beauty.

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