She Haunts

Yesterday I saw a ghost!
Her eyes where streaked in bronze,
and her thick shining locks were copper –
A blazing gold! Even in death she
radiated beauty – and the heat of anger
at being dead – for she knew she died
far too young – and blamed me!
I DENIED IT! Did I kill the infant in
her crib – Or the angsty teen – or
the fiery woman whose tongue charred
like lightning (she might still be around)?
No! Time was the Killer, not I – I exclaimed!
But she was already gone.
For though she fades, she haunts,
and I may never see my youth again.

2 thoughts on “She Haunts

  1. Shari you always have such meaning in your poems. Beware though , I’m going to start writing too and it will be called ‘ Parts of me’ . You leave pieces and I’ll leave the parts. How have you been? Life is a journey for sure.


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