Indefinable You

I had to remove my gaze – for what had been was veiled in the past, and I could no longer stare at the emptiness left in its place. You see, I had been torn apart by it. I had looked as though it be an eternity, and I mourned its over-ness with a great and terrible tumult that welled and swelled and ultimately became me. I was a great writhing beast of turmoil, and it was within myself that I needed to pour out my unconditional love as though a salve to cover those ripped and torn places. It was for a length of time that I would nurse myself through that pain. That I would sit with it – that great and hulking beast that I had become – and with gentleness – allow myself to express it in its entirety, and for the duration that was necessary in order that it would finally subside. Only then, in that quiet moment of acceptance, could I move my gaze in a new direction, and in so doing, continue down my life’s chosen path.

Sorrow is best dealt with in the open, and with no fear of the grieving. It must be embraced in order that its final power be manifested into some larger, better vision. To tuck it away, to hide it behind a sheen of denial, is to let if fester and rot and ruin the beauty that is trying to emerge from within the darkness. Do not let the fear of pain rob you of your transformation. Too many are choosing pretense over raw, real, humanism and it is slowing the pace of life, and creating empty husks of apathy where fiery souls once resided. You are the Light shining out from behind the crack in the veneer. You think you are the veneer, you think you are the story of your life, and that every label you wear is an accurate description of who you are – But when that story crumbles apart, instead of rushing to write a new story – Stop and Be with Yourself in solitude – Experience the Light that You Are ~~ That is the Indefinable You


I have a dog named Frankie
He is a wiener dog
His coat is brown and silky
His legs are stalky husks
Like rotten toes his breath does smell
But Daddy’s toothbrush cleaned that up
And now my Frankie’s breath is sweet
But daddies breath smells just like feet!

~~ I wrote this poem for my daughter years ago when she was a little girl and we would read it and laugh and laugh! Oh, The Joy! ❤


I’m already there, in that place I’ve envisioned, sipping tea
whilst waiting restfully for my restless self to arrive.

Thank you, Sammi! That was fun!

Nothing Means Anything

It is you who decides
Your vision is determined by thought
Yet you listen indiscriminately
And the ears – taking in story after story
With no filter on your end
You let it stream in to your detriment
Confused about what it is that weighs you down
While you sit below that heaviness as though a victim
Not knowing that nothing means anything
All matter, all thought, all ideas,
Lovingness, Hatefulness, Generosity, Selfishness
Are all yours for the taking
Adam – in naming the animals – knew this
Yet still he kicked himself from the garden
Ascribe your meanings in such a away
That your life reflects only the beauty of your choice
And leave all the ugliness to those who choose to miscreate

The Second Coming

I came to the wide and open space of darkness
Which for a millennia I had feared
Touted as a place of death and destruction
Very few ever even neared
And it’s true I died there in that place
So many ways in which my ego seared
A hot and burnin hell consumed my creation
‘Till underneath the god in Me appeared
For all beliefs that hid Me from this Knowing
That dusty casement of illusion disappeared
And shining there in all My reigning glory
I saw that All was One to be revered

She Haunts

Yesterday I saw a ghost!
Her eyes where streaked in bronze,
and her thick shining locks were copper –
A blazing gold! Even in death she
radiated beauty – and the heat of anger
at being dead – for she knew she died
far too young – and blamed me!
I DENIED IT! Did I kill the infant in
her crib – Or the angsty teen – or
the fiery woman whose tongue charred
like lightning (she might still be around)?
No! Time was the Killer, not I – I exclaimed!
But she was already gone.
For though she fades, she haunts,
and I may never see my youth again.