Letting go

When the wheel of karma changes direction
The great equalization will occur
Time will once again bend in my favor
And all my heavy loathings will be released

~~ Letting go is an illusion held together by the thread of denial.
Only the cosmic balance of karma has the power to set you free.

8 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Shari. I have pieces of me spread all over the country. I don’t know why but every time you post one of these “pieces of me”, I can feel so much pain in it for me. To me, life keeps taking and taking and taking until you have no more pieces to give. Life is quite the journey. My life has been a big roller coaster ride. Where it stops? I feel as though li9fe has taken its toll on me. Its not to bring you down either Shari, I love when you post them. I look forward to more. :Love you8 Shari

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    • I love you cousin. My pain is in every word, and we are all connected and we are all the same. That is why my words touch you,, because they are your words too and they point to your pieces and somehow they make you feel seen. I see you because you are me. ❤️❤️

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