My Loves; Where Have You Gone?

I see footprints still where non should be,
and voices leaving echoes in the air for
none but me. I can feel your touch from
days gone by; my heart still feels your laughter,
and your subtle cry. I have walked among the
ashes of my fleeting youth, and in those dying
embers I see fragments of a truth.

I have turned away in anger and dismay. I
have mourned my own hearts loss, and
felt the sting of your betray. I have walked
the darkness of my own guilt, and questioned
choices made in angers wake. I have felt
regret for those I’ve lost, and for those I’ve
chosen to forsake.

I feel these moments that hold you still,
though quiet you won’t be. I’ve suffered your
presence warm and subtle like a
passing summers breeze. Through angers
wake or sorrows pride in choices
right or wrong, yet even though you’ve
left this place, your shadows linger on!

2 thoughts on “My Loves; Where Have You Gone?

    • Wow. Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel the loss of every soul that has crossed my path, and I continue to feel them long after we have parted ways. It is a bitter sweet loveliness. ❤️


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