You Are the Way

Are you able to silence your mind and listen
to the humming vibration of your own Being?

The power in that is infallible!

From that stillness arises like a blazing sun
the pure essence of your true godly Being.

The power of that is unstoppable!

When you find yourself there in that pulsing
heartbeat of source, you will know your strength.

The power of creation was always yours!


Let me grasp your hand and silence your lips.
Turn the dial on your mind to zero, letting
All that miscreating come to an end.
Allow the power of your Being to fill the void.
The energy of which will wash your body
In a flood of frequency that will make you well.
Learn to stay in this empty state a little while.
And when you open your eyes, you will
See the magic of a brand new world unfolding!

Your world is an illusion that you have created,
and you cannot change it outwardly.
To change the outward state, you must
change the inward state!
There is no other way.

You Are the Way.


Great Magicians

What do all the great magicians do?
They create seamless illusion,
rolling from moment to moment
without anyone seeing just how the magic is made.

You don’t see me working behind the scenes of my life
as the story I write unfolds – it is merely a refection
that ripples across the screen of this world.
I Am the great magician and my life is my magic!

I sat in quiet solitude for as long as it took to dissolve
all of my miscreations.

I took everything I deemed as good and held it in
my contemplative mind.

I then gave the illusion of my life the time it needed to reflect
my life anew.

And you can do this too.

I wonder at our obstinance

It came swiftly in the night, and it harbored no resentments. Even the battlement to all I had known could not prevent its taking. But it never came to take – it came to give.  It didn’t seem as such at the time. It felt like a ripping and a tearing, and my ego was thrashed and thralled within its casement. I wanted to hold onto my belief – my man made notions. It desired that I give them up – that I let go. It was a grand fight to be sure. Me, holding firm – refusing the giving. I wanted to be right. But I had asked for something much more marvelous than I had imagined. I had asked that I Be Love – one hundred percent pure positive energy. And so judgment had to go. You see, it is the precursor to hate. It makes us hard and unloving. It makes us callous and cruel. Yes, perhaps it allows us to hold onto being right – but it makes us ugly in return. And so at last I set it down – I relented.

And this is what I saw.

In the face of every person, I began to see myself. I saw the same struggles, the same loneliness, the same rejections, the same sorrows, but mostly – the same potential for greatness. For Beauty. For Wholeness. For Love. And my heart softened. I looked into the hearts of others and I saw – Myself.

We are the Same.

We are the Same.

The Silver Night

The night was always silver,
Despite the blackness that I saw.
That little sliver of Light was always there,
Asking me, “Little Childe, Come Home”.
But I was never afraid of the dark.
It was this contrast that showed me the Power of the Light.
Only in the Silver Night do you see the illusion most call sin.


Let me strip away this facade
Never having served me well
I Am beneath this illusion
Complete and Whole
Strength dwells in this Core
It has proven unshakable
This me that’s All Me
Could never be swayed by
Outside influences
Only the exterior reflection
Could be rippled with the
Slightest thrown stone
What will be left to offend
Damage or reject
Once all is sheared away
And I like a mountain
Am standing unmoved