A Lovely Girl


The day dawned like any other, the light breaching my window
stirring me from among the covers, snug. The darkness that held me
in my slumber, was at the mercy of the light. As was I. Outside,
winters ice clung upon the trees like crystal gloves. It was a simple day,
like any other. But the path was changing, and the waning of the day brought with it
something new. At dusk the doorbell rang. Anticipation fell away to the smiling face of,
A Lovely Girl.

Her sweetness masked her sarcastic nature. She hid it well, for a time.
And then all bets were off. She cast aside her bashful guise like a coat borrowed.
Beneath the facade, we saw her for the first time. Like a cat in water she was.
Not one to be tamed. But she loved, and was loved.
She fit like a piece of the family puzzle we didn’t know was missing.
She stole away our hearts as we toiled away the days with,
A Lovely Girl.

But the hourglass counted down the moments like a silent thief. Seconds sailed past
too soon and before we realized, they were gone. Time marched forward and summer days waned. I watch from my window as fall brings slumber to the land. Those memories are like covers, snug. They are warm and inviting. Oftentimes I find myself at their mercy. You see, some things are always left lingering, and it’s been set upon our hearts like a fiery brand: the smiling face of,
A Lovely Girl.


For Ariana – My feisty Venezuelan exchange student. ❤

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