Manifesting Life

We can pull down beauty from Heaven
That place beyond the stars
It is a pure energy that binds all things
The pulse of life
It has a rhythm and flow that one can rest in
It is the source of All – good and evil
That apple, once eaten, revealed this Truth
And you having been made the master
Get to choose

I have observed the choices being made
All around that beauty ebbs and flows
The chaos and the peace
Some say fighting for control
But that is not what I see
Those colors mix and swirl
Even they create beauty of their own
Behind the label is a master at work
Manifesting life

What rains upon you from heaven
Is it sorrow or joy
You are the one who has called it
Your thoughts preceding what comes
I have manifested beauty and heartache both
Not knowing the measure of my mind
I moved about that ethereal plane in ignorance
As the Source of All made real
Those images I conceived

How grateful can I be for this vision
Standing here Now, at the doorway to All
There is no end to the possibilities
I dance through this world
Knowing that it was always meant for me
My Life is Hers – Hers mine
We are the energy and the Source
Together we are the Great and Mighty
I Am

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