Making Mischief

I once ate flakes of fish food.
Isn’t that the silly things kids do?
I rode dirt bikes, and climbed trees,
Eating candy until I could puke.
Swimming all day and dreaming all night.
Laughing and being mischievous.
Oh how mischievous I was!
I made mashed potato balls, oven fresh,
And threw them at passing cars, and
Sometimes eggs – they hit home occasionally.
Once the passerby had his window open.
What a mistake for him on that hot day!
I watched from behind the curtain as he crossed
Back and forth down the street,
Long streaks of yellow on his lapel!
I wonder if he thinks back on this now
With the laughter of the child still inside?
He wasn’t laughing then.
I collected money for girl scouts. I wasn’t one.
That cash took me to the movies. What a day!
I was twelve when I steered my dad’s fishing boat
Down the Delta – I rescued a family from the banks
Leaving their stalled craft on the shore. It was too
Many people in my small vessel – it sank
With the waves that crested the bow!
It was a good day for a swim – I’m sure
There was never a rescue finer than that!
I hope they think fondly on that memory.
I do. I ran off down the levy leaving them behind,
Meeting up with them again on the way back, father
In tow. Sorry! They were not amused.
I don’t know why. I still Am.
I’m older now. More serious. My shenanigandry
Almost dried up with the weightiness of life.
I could have let it die – most do.
But then last year I went on a cruise.
I noticed the drink labels were magnets.
Imagine how surprised the guests were to get
Lemonade instead of tea, and vice versa!
I just sat and watched and laughed.
They didn’t seem to know what to do about it,
And that is the best part. Watching which will emerge
In that moment – the child or the adult – it’s a mixed
Bag. People are funny – even when they
Don’t know it – especially then – In that split
Second when they reach deep and you don’t know
Who will show up. I am always hoping for the child.
Full of wonderment and delight. I want to
Bring people back to that – that freshness
That vitality – the joy of Living – Playing.
I slid behind a panel in the front of the ship.
It was all glass and me – KING OF THE WORLD –
I thought – Surely someone other than me has done this?
As the panel below me suddenly rumbled and shook
I flew out in great fear! There was a group of guests
And a guide all staring at me – and me them.
I had been leaning against the view box
For the captain’s station below – who knew?
There they were, on a tour, and me, suddenly
Appearing from NoWhere – NowHere!
I was an apparition! Oh The Joy!
I am always amused at people’s reactions.
No one said a word! So I just joined their tour.
What a treat – I didn’t even have to pay!
I have no fear of shame. I Am Bold like that.
47 now – my how it’s flown – and me flying.
But I still play like a child – I always will.
I hope you too Live your Life like that.
Rushing boldly towards death with no remorse
All the way till the end – Making Mischief!



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