~~ Transformation

…………………. As I see you, So Am I

I have created each of you in my likeness
The saint and sinner alike
Attributes I ascribed you
Dolling out praise and condemnation
As though it were you who chose your role
If I can now, only forgive myself for these atrocities
I might recreate you – born anew
And fill you with a sweet new wine
The nectar of which we both might equally partake
For it is only through you that I see my transformation
Since you have always been my measure of who I Am

~~ Your environment will always reflect back to you who you are being. If you want to change your environment, you must first change your being.


How can a memory create something new?
I am propelled forward by what has come before
I refuse this – this stagnant propulsion.
I’d rather go nowhere else, if not somewhere new
I would just as soon be still and die right where I stand
Than continue down this path of sameness!

I did not come to be guided and molded by what was already here
Nor did I come to be a follower of the dictates of others
It is because of this that I have lost my clarity of sight
To travel the unknown is to be veiled in darkness and uncertainty
From this point forward, let me go in blindness
I will be the spark that lights the way, one step at a time

And to all the hungry travelers I meet upon my way
With your slouching shoulders and your drooping mouth
As you crouch along your safely lighted path
I will scream a song of death to you as I go by
Perhaps it will be enough to kill you where you stand
And you too can rise in blindness bearing witness to a world anew!

Vexation of Spirit

I can see Solomon from where I Am
In this time of mine so far removed
Yet there he is none the less lamenting
What a travesty that him and I could
Not meet and cry between us
All the useless trappings of man
I would demand – “show me this god of yours
Who gives wisdom knowledge and joy”
Yet he would not see Him in Me
Because he never caught the wind
Though it Be inside him all along
For all his wisdom – did he never
Think to look there?


Her name was deception,
And she wore the mantle of pretense like no other.
There were daggers hidden in those pearls of white
That smile cuts deep – beyond any place of earthly healing.
She brandished her manipulations veiled in compliments.
Each one a burrowing maggot of uncertainty,
Rotting the flesh that once thrived.
Killing relationships, one by one,
Her own insecurity driving each death!

~ And the fishing! Oh, that fishing!

First she lured you in with carefully crafted concern,
And once that bait was taken, she jerked the line
That she so callously tethered to your heart!
The hook was torn with malice as she tossed you away,
The love she scorned left swirling in a pretty pool of red!

~ And the reflection! Oh that hideous reflection!

For the first time I see what I had refused to see!
Her face! Not the phony, pretty, pretending one,
But the one behind the lie – with the grimace that she hides.
It is marred by derision and fear. Now I see
That awful, suspicious, cold heart of wanting!

~ And my outstretched hand in a state of pause!

I wanted so much to believe the lie.
How I wish I could unknow a thing – To put back that apple!
But now it can’t be helped.
One day I will surprise that liar.
I will strike that fakeness, and watch that porcelain
Mask shatter to ruins at my feet
My red palm dripping into a pretty pool of red
Revealing at last that things which are seen
Are not always made of the things which do appear!

Proverbs 17:4
Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip;
liars pay close attention to slander.

The Storm

Some are like the fading of leaves
Once green, next burnish red – soft feathery bright
Beautiful until gone when a swift wind erupts


Only the evergreens can’t be cleaved
They are bound firm, unshaken – even in a storm
And the storm always comes

The Only Seed is Love

I came to the shallow grassy moor
Where the stagnant waters stilled
And the stale air the breeze did wield
Stoned me with the heaviness that it bore

Crestfallen as I had come to Be
Flowing away – my strength did yield
I found myself falling – dying on that field
Laden with grief, and nowhere to flee

Down I went kneeling in those untamed reeds
As all my worldly notions – they were killed
In the emptiness that found me – Truth revealed
“The only seed is Love, it fills all needs”

I was alighted in that moment on the moor
Where my life was stopped, and stilled
My heart brimming with mercy as it healed
And Loved me with the heaviness that it bore

Morning Haiku


Coffee thrills awake.
The morning sun takes notice,
rising to my whim.


The eye always sees
the cultivation of thought,
and responds in kind.


Dawn settling in.
Music springs from the silence,
with soft flapping wings.


conceived the impossible,
then created it!


Mastery of words.
Colors print in black on white,
beauty for the mind!


Love’s Eternal Source.
The Truth of darkness revealed.
I was always Light!

~ Meditate


frequency mediation

I disappear into myself
Not knowing where it is
That I go – that no space
There is wholeness here
That does not exist outwardly
In the world where I split myself
Into tiny bits and scatter about
Pieces of Me – one to each
Those who want nothing more than
A little mirror in which they
Might see a tiny fragment of themselves
Yet – when I meditate
All those gifts return to me
Though they be sharpened
By the splinter – Every shard
Set back in place as though I
Was never made to be broken
In order that I might be shared

Open Graves

I saw them there among the caskets,
Buried deeply ‘neath the hard packed earth
And the sleepers in their tombs bedded down
Their slumbers, forgotten as they turn to bone
And yet the many open holes were dug and left
A site no one other than me seemed to see
The people gathering, one by one – dropping deep
Into the slow death of life – and no one heard them
As they screamed from their open graves.

Making Mischief

I once ate flakes of fish food.
Isn’t that the silly things kids do?
I rode dirt bikes, and climbed trees,
Eating candy until I could puke.
Swimming all day and dreaming all night.
Laughing and being mischievous.
Oh how mischievous I was!
I made mashed potato balls, oven fresh,
And threw them at passing cars, and
Sometimes eggs – they hit home occasionally.
Once the passerby had his window open.
What a mistake for him on that hot day!
I watched from behind the curtain as he crossed
Back and forth down the street,
Long streaks of yellow on his lapel!
I wonder if he thinks back on this now
With the laughter of the child still inside?
He wasn’t laughing then.
I collected money for girl scouts. I wasn’t one.
That cash took me to the movies. What a day!
I was twelve when I steered my dad’s fishing boat
Down the Delta – I rescued a family from the banks
Leaving their stalled craft on the shore. It was too
Many people in my small vessel – it sank
With the waves that crested the bow!
It was a good day for a swim – I’m sure
There was never a rescue finer than that!
I hope they think fondly on that memory.
I do. I ran off down the levy leaving them behind,
Meeting up with them again on the way back, father
In tow. Sorry! They were not amused.
I don’t know why. I still Am.
I’m older now. More serious. My shenanigandry
Almost dried up with the weightiness of life.
I could have let it die – most do.
But then last year I went on a cruise.
I noticed the drink labels were magnets.
Imagine how surprised the guests were to get
Lemonade instead of tea, and vice versa!
I just sat and watched and laughed.
They didn’t seem to know what to do about it,
And that is the best part. Watching which will emerge
In that moment – the child or the adult – it’s a mixed
Bag. People are funny – even when they
Don’t know it – especially then – In that split
Second when they reach deep and you don’t know
Who will show up. I am always hoping for the child.
Full of wonderment and delight. I want to
Bring people back to that – that freshness
That vitality – the joy of Living – Playing.
I slid behind a panel in the front of the ship.
It was all glass and me – KING OF THE WORLD –
I thought – Surely someone other than me has done this?
As the panel below me suddenly rumbled and shook
I flew out in great fear! There was a group of guests
And a guide all staring at me – and me them.
I had been leaning against the view box
For the captain’s station below – who knew?
There they were, on a tour, and me, suddenly
Appearing from NoWhere – NowHere!
I was an apparition! Oh The Joy!
I am always amused at people’s reactions.
No one said a word! So I just joined their tour.
What a treat – I didn’t even have to pay!
I have no fear of shame. I Am Bold like that.
47 now – my how it’s flown – and me flying.
But I still play like a child – I always will.
I hope you too Live your Life like that.
Rushing boldly towards death with no remorse
All the way till the end – Making Mischief!