She spoke no English – I, no Russian.
But we sat in silent smiles,
drinking tea – the years making us friends.
One day, dropping the kids at school,
“it’s froggy out,” she said. I pause, then nod,
“Yes my friend, it is froggy out.”

“Gift certifercate,” she said.
What? I asked. “I need a gift
certifercate.” Standing beside me
in his unknowingness, he corrected her.
Me quickly jabbing him in the side, interjecting,
“Right my friend, gift certifercate.”

Memories of friends long moved on –
The blending of lives and loves, of cultures –
Words melding with new meaning –
Little gems that glow and glint my mind –
Endearing the past to my present with joy –
By way of froggy days and gift certifercates.

So come! Come with me my love, and sit
awhile more – let us remember those
small treasures, those flawless imperfections
that entangle us so completely in our humanism.
Let us muse a little longer of days past
As we linger here in your favorite anacondriack chair!

~ Golden Skin

Rest is a wonderful respite
When the battle has been
Hard fought and long
Those demons were never mine
Beliefs long held and pressed
Upon me like death that
Choked away my spirit
Making me in its likeness
How I hated myself
I have since discarded those
Rags worn like robes by others
Resting now only attired
In what was always beneath
– My Golden Skin

golden rays


There are boxes and boxes filled
To the brim with people – in droves
They go to their own demise
Thinking how clever they are to have
Outsmarted god with their goodness
Not knowing that No One ever achieved
Wholeness by denying half of themselves

The God Within

You wanted to know what I thought,
and it was everything – the Power was there,
set and ready to Create.
My words would be no mere consequence
if they be sugary and coated with lies.
I needed to feel the Truth of what I said,
so that the inside matched the outside in every detail.
Or else those false creations be as a fine mist,
so easily dissipated in that hot hell We made.
No, what I thought was everything,
and every possibility lay before Me like builders stones.
If I felt You to be fallible and untrue,
yet spoke to You of Truth – then liars We both Be!
But I can see You, be it heaven or be it hell,
for both are houses of God,
and together We choose Our dwelling place.
I have equally dwelt in both,
and having done so, now I hold two keys!
And here You are – asking Me what I think,
not understanding Your own power of creation,
or that Your world is molded by Your mind!
How haphazardly You have created thus far.
I can create heaven for you – it’s true.
But how much better would it be
if instead I showed You how?
Empty Yourself of everything You know,
ask your question and then listen.
For far too long You have waited to be heard –
For far too long the God within has been waiting to answer.


Rain – how is it we have come to see it
As not an anomaly – these drops
That form and fall from the heavens
In our own mundane state and unaware
Each one taking it for ordinary
I ply the droplet on my skin and
Marvel at its decisiveness
It splits and rolls and disappears
Into the earth becoming me
This air I breathe and what
The great water-former casting
Down the living with gentle motions
And oftentimes valiantly pummeling
Life into existence in a great tumult
Yes, I have been the rain – the water
Is in me – It becomes me
I too have lived my life in
Gentle strokes and terrible tumults
That sway and tear and rip
My very Being right into this
Illusion of my life that I hold

It was the moment of my morning constitutional,

When there she appeared like she does tail wagging
A ball in her mouth and her ass carpet dragging
Well I balked at the site and I shooed her away
With my butt stone still on the crapper that day
I plopped down a turd and then farted twice
And here is where I will give some advice
Never play ball when your butts busy pooping
Your dog doesn’t get why you’re sitting there stooping
She’ll keep bringing toys and then running away
She’d be happy to do it all fucking damn day
So once you’re done shitting and whipping your arse
Remember with a smile my dog fetching farce
And don’t toss the ball or it never will cease
And they’ll be no more people pooping in peace

~ In honor of April Fools’ Day!